Self Mastery - The ability to take control of one's life

Self Mastery is about conscious living, which leads to the ability to respond rather than react.

Whilst Self Mastery has been the goal of mystics throughout the ages, the focus now is to do so whilst living in today's society. In the past people have taken themselves away from society, isolating themselves to achieve the degree of self-awareness required, facing their demons and connecting with their Higher Selves alone.

The modern mystic looks to marry our Higher Selves within our human existence and bring conscious living into our everyday life.

    • Rewards of Self Mastery are great :
    • Development of a sense of Self Living within one's Personal Power
    • Self-Reliance
    • Improved relationships
    • Informed and appropriate choices
    • Improved mental, emotional and physical health
    • Meaningful and lasting Change
    • Better reception to one's own intuition and guidance systems
    • Development of the Resources of Your Soul
  • Some basic principles of Self Mastery:
    • You always have choice even if it doesn't feel like it
    • Every choice, even not making a choice, has consequences
    • Every thought has a physical and emotional response
    • You are responsible for your actions and reaction
    • Mindfulness and self-awareness of unconscious beliefs, behavioral patterns and reactions are fundamental
    • Change is the constant

As we master ourselves we find the internal focus of control and harness the Will to steer ourselves towards goals of our own choosing.

Self-Mastery is a journey and if you are willing to take the time and energy required to make it happen and require a guide, then contact me for an informal chat.

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